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Are You a Boss Bitch?

Well, are you? It’s time to find out.

Are You a Boss Bitch is the second release from author, entrepreneur and speaker Techa Bryant.

Her previous book Holes in the Soul has helped thousands of women who are coping with unrecognized and unresolved issues to begin the road to healing.

This new book is a Modern Woman’s 30-Day Guide to Being Bold, Intelligent, Tenacious, Courageous and Happy: The keys to being a true Boss Bitch.

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What Readers Have Said

“In a word- WOW! I was extremely impressed with your mirror project and professionalism. Techa, you are a joy to work with and I love being able to look in the mirror and not only see the surface, but who I really am as an individual.”

Marla Ray

“Rock Star Techa is very easy to work with and the results are exceptional. The Mirror Project opened my eyes to the realization that many of my choices were driven by my holes. I am on my way to being whole and not a person with a hole!”

Carla Kennedy